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The Call of True Islam

To people who are aware of even a minimal level of what is happening around them in this world, it does not come as a surprise what the sad situation of the population of about 1.6 billion rupees or 160 million people claim themselves to be Muslims themselves, they are subjected to an unspeakable terror by all peoples of the world, defeated in every aspect, insulted, humiliated and slain.
Their places of worship, their mosques, be razed or converted into offices or clubs. Slain and their wives ravished. Yet these are the people who go by the same name of those who were once the masters of this world. All the others looked at them in awe and respect, they ruled more than half of the total land mass of the known world. They were the people who set way of life (Deen) given by Allah on all areas they conquered, they reigned unrivaled as nobody was there to challenge them in every aspect, because it holds the highest position in terms of military power, progress in science, civilization, in terms of new discoveries, inventions, technology and economic strength. Yet all this could do little to avoid the wrath of Allah when the time came and centuries have passed since they lost the military confrontation with the European Christian nations and accept their subjugation in their lives. During the process of these defeats were lakhs and lakhs of those slain Muslims, including tanks, burned and buried alive and shot, their houses were burned. Their women are facing the worst fate, being sold to brothels in Europe and Africa. Yet the wrath of Allah has not stopped this date. Christian forces in different parts of Europe, namely Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Czechoslovakia, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea and in Asia and Africa in the Philippines, Buddhists in the Arakan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam Sing Kiang (China)-Jews in Lebanon and Palestine, Hindus across India, especially Kashmir, the exercise of the persecution and massacre of the Muslim peoples with relentless pursuit. There is not one single case where a Muslim minority have expressed their desire to live as a Muslim and they are not prosecuted. They were detained, subjected to inhuman torture, hanged or simply left to die. All because they want to live independently as Muslims. In the history of mankind, no other nation has suffered the level of humiliation and insult that is awash these people. The incidents in Bosnia so that they are not comparable in human history, where thousands of Muslims were murdered and dumped in mass graves, more than two hundred Muslim women were systematically raped, impregnated and held in concentration camps to prevent broken their unwanted offspring. Eventually they gave birth to children of their Christian offenders.

However, if to look around to the other members of the so-called Islamic nation, you'd think nothing is wrong. It is as if all this torture, injustice, humiliation and insult that their brothers and sisters are subjected to are acceptable as everyday occurrences. They eat, drink, enjoy themselves, working in business and jobs as if nothing happened. What cruel irony! What possible reason would there be for this lamentable state? Many thinkers believe that it is the lack of unity among us whether the effect of weak faith has brought this misfortune upon us. However, Our leader, the Imam of Hezbut Tawhid Mohammed Bayazeed Khan Panni says this is not the cause of our demise, they are usually the result. The real reason is that we have a long distance from the Kalema, the very Kalema that is the heart of Islam astray. He has proven from the Quran, that "La Elaha Ellallah" is the soul, the basis and foundation of the Deen-ul-Islam. Islam is rooted in the Kalema, there is nothing on the outside of Islam. For a Momen, Muslim or Ummat-e-Muhammadi, one has no choice but to believe with heart and soul, preach and to work with the utmost effort to fix it. Our Imam believes that a different, incorrect Kalema significance of this is accepted worldwide at all today. It is now believed and taught that the meaning of "La Elaha Ellallah", there is none to be worshiped but Allah, whereas the real meaning it conveys is "There is none to be obeyed other than Allah" - because Elah and Ma'bud are two different words with two different meanings. The substitution of Elah Ma'bud for we are only using one word to another to replace it instead of transferring the meaning of the former eg 'Elah' a word that the entity designated to be obeyed, acted under the soveirgn while Ma'bud is "He who is to be worshiped, so these two adjectives indicate two different meanings. If 'La Elaha Ellallah" would mean there is none to be worshiped but Allah , then the Arab would have been "La Ma'bud Ellallah." But from the first Messenger Adam (AS) is the seal of the messengers of Allah, Muhammad (SM) the Kalema they all brought their peoples has remained the same, "La Elaha Ellallah." More than two hundred thousand "Nabi" or messengers of Allah have testified to this same Kalema, "There is no one who obeyed other than Allah." Allah is not the only Ma'bud, but that's not the Kalema Islam. Kalema, cornerstone of the faith to accept Him as the only Elah, no one else to be obeyed, other than Him. In the Qur'an, Allah states, "Those who oppose Allah and His Messenger shall enter paradise" - (Sura Fatah-17, Azhab-71). Then again in Sura Nissa-69, he claims, "Those who obey Allah and His Messenger, will be accompanied by Nabis, Shaheed, Siddiq, Sale Return," the only condition for and access to the paradise in both cases, is obedience to Allah, the acceptance of His will as the authority. It is interesting to note that, Namaz, Roza, Hajj, Zakah, or have not received as a pre condition for access to paradise, it is only the acceptance and respect for God as the authority of any faith. The Messenger of Allah has given permission for this point by saying: "Man Qala La Elaha Ellallah craze khalal Jannah" - (Bokhari Muslim and Abu Zarr Ghefari R.) He is, which says there is no one to be obeyed except Allah will be in paradise. Here, "said" means to believe that wholeheartedly, without a doubt, they put forth openly and wrestling (Jahedu) to the earth.

Our Imam made us realize that, as a result of gross negligence in understanding the significance of Kalema, this huge population of Muslims in the world, leaving the faithful to Allah as the only law-giver, the only one whose devote we are to obey. We accept him as the Ma'bud, one of worship, faith with our heart and soul, say prayers to please him, give love, Zakah, fast to His nearness, His goodwill to get themselves in various other good deeds but no one to Him as the only exception that there is no one to be obeyed. In our collective lives, we leave the Deen, the way of life, as prescribed by him and accepted and implemented that are created with our fellows, not knowing that by doing this, eg deviation from the Kalema, we run in Moshrek and Kafer. In a Hadith which akheri zamana, the Messenger of Allah declared that the mosques will be full Musallis, there will be a shortage of space in this, but they will miss Hedayah [Source: Bayhaquee of Hazrat Ali (R).] This' Hedayah "or proper guidance is the acceptance of Allah as the one beside whom there is none that is to be obeyed. This is Tawheed, which is' La Elaha Ellallah. It does not take a genius to realize that if no Hedayah in mosques full of people, there is no Islam. In the world today, there is no place where the command of Allah is respected, the collective level, even in the so-called Islamic countries. Everywhere we look, the lifestyle, the system of government prescribed by the people and Jews and Christians. In addition, by implementing human ways of living instead of sent by Allah made, the entire population of Muslims is indeed rejected by Allah through the Dane disobey Him and His Messenger was Kafer (disobedient), such as those Eblis disobeyed Allah's order to prostrate before Adam (AS) and was thrown from his presence. Thus he became Rajim (deposed). Muslims today, busy as they are in out-doing each other Namaz, Zakah and Hajj and Tarawih in Tahajjud, unaware that they are united in one thing, the denial of the Kalema, Tawheed of Allah as the only law-giver, the partial, personal iman, (which is actually shirk), so they fully believe in, as scornfully rejected by Allah and throw on the last day as it is here on earth today.

The other important issue that has been clarified for us by our Imam is due to the progressive departure from the true faith of Islam to present to our eyes is the complete opposite thing to the true faith. Islam was that which Allah revealed to us through the Messenger, which in turn assigned the same spreading through Jihad (all out struggle) to his followers. Moreover, Allah warned this nation of Dire punishment and slavery as they abandon the struggle, the Jihad implement this on the whole of this world. (Surah: Tauba-38, 39)

The first 60-70 years of Ummat-e-Muhammadi early life of the Messenger saw this people, this Ummah engage in continuous and tireless commitment to Kalema of Allah, the rule of Allah, to establish than half the known world. However, misfortune soon trickled in. About a gradual period of time, this nation's understanding of their faith forgotten, lost sight of their goal and that was the establishment of Islam throughout the world and began the privileged lives of kings and princes to enjoy. But were the word of God wrong? That also happened in due course. The so-called Islamic countries lost every battle, every war against the invading Christian armies were subjected by them and became their slaves. This slavery continues to this date, albeit in a slightly different form. Moreover, to ensure that this nation was never able to lift his head, their Christian masters devised an ingenious evil plan. After careful consideration and research, they created an Islam of their liking something that true faith would seem to the outside, but the exact opposite character of the one taught by the Messenger of Allah, sent by the filmmaker himself. This plan into action, they introduced the system of Madrassah education, it was replaced by the meaning of 'Elah' and 'Ma'bud "because if they would learn the true meaning of' Elah 'eg' He who must be obeyed ', their position as masters of the conquered would therefore be compromised they did away entirely with the doctrine of Jihad, the struggle, the battle for the way of life ordered by God to this earth to fix. They did this because when the Muslims were taught the true meaning of Jihad and Ela, the real Tawheed they rebel against their masters did. An Islam minus the soul (Tawheed) and life (the creation of faith collective level) were taught in great detail where Namaz, Roza, Hajj, Zakah, Ablution, laws and rulings on marriage and divorce, turbans and Lebas , Meswak, Kulukh, the length of beards and pajamas etc small subjects were taught at all major issues in Islam. In their cunning brains, good masters thought it more fitting that Muslims would remain in these less important matters to think that these little things are the main problems of Islam, the easier it would be to manage them and the idea of to liberate themselves from their Christian masters would not join them! The first of these madrassah were founded by Lord Warren Hastings in Calcutta in 1780 (what irony!). At the beginning, she trusted the management of the Madrassah for a mullahs of their choice, but when it became clear that it will produce the desired results, they took the reins himself. In 1850, the first of the Christian Principals Dr. WD Springer MA, took the office of the principal, after the next 76 years, 27 Christian Orientalists, in consecutive order, held the highest administrative office of the madrassah, learning a lifeless , soul-less Islam to these so-called Muslim population. What irony! Muslims to their faith from non-Muslims to learn! When they were convinced that this death, Islam had become defunct embedded in the hearts, souls and minds of the people, they waived the heading of the client to 'Alem' at home in the curricula of their very Madrassah. [Source: Reports on Islamic Education in Bengal by-Dr. Sikander Ali Ibrahimy, and 'Madrassah Ali'a Itihash-r' by Mustafa Harun, Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh]. The Christian masters out this master plan not only in the subcontinent but also in other Muslim provinces occupy it militarily. It is more than half a century, the British this sub-continent, but the system of Islamic education devoid of Hedayah, Jihad and soul (Tawheed) introduced by them has prevailed to this day left. The Muslims continue to deceive, to accept the right shape and observe with the utmost sincerity. Therefore, no let-up in the wrath of Allah that has long descended on us, either.

Our Imam says that those who agree with this perverted version of Deen-ul-Islam, is Islam, where all encompassing Tawheed Jihad and Allah's are absent (as taught by their Christian masters) are living in Fool's Paradise, immersed in Shirk and Kufr . He has drawn the ire of a certain class of people in itself. Because of this truth is the party who claim themselves as the torchbearers of these opposite directed, perverted version of Islam, known as "Alem ',' Ulama 'society, the same Alem in one hundred different groups divided into small" Masla-Masaels " , which are constantly fighting among themselves to prove your superior knowledge of the others. " The defunct, soulless Islamic teaching they received from their madrassah does not allow them to be united on a particular topic, let alone seek to make this way of life over all others united. All they can do are selling their Christian thought Islamic education among the general population for a nominal fee. They sell Islam through the leading congregational prayers in the mosque for Jumma and Eid, and Tarawih Janaza, various Milad, delivering religious sermons (Wa'z) issuing religious decrees / decisions (Fatwa) and various other methods.

Whereas the Qur'an states-Lo! Those who hide the Scripture which Allah hath revealed and purchase a small gain therewith, they eat into their bellies, but no fire. Allah will not speak to them on the day of resurrection nor will He purify them. They had a grievous punishment. These are they who purchase error at the price of guidance and punishment at the price of pardon. How constant are they in their struggle to reach the fire! "(Surah Baqarah-174, 175)

It is our extreme good fortune that our Imam, the founder of Hezbut Tawheed movement has been able to realize the true form of Islam as shown by the Almighty to His last Messenger (SM) more than 1400 years ago. Our Imam founded this movement with the aim of the true faith revealed to us, his people, so we are able to recover from the perverse, towards Islam taught us so long by the Mullas and Christian settlers.

We, those of the Almighty in His infinite mercy has caused to understand and accept the true faith, apart from the long-practiced perverse version are truly blessed, truly happy. Because we are the people in whose hearts the Merciful has allowed the true faith to take root, so opened our eyes that we see, the legitimate Islam as revealed to the Messenger of Allah (SM). We were lost, wandering in search of the truth, the true Islam and we were clinging to the perverse. Islam is rooted in our hearts and minds of the Christian Orientalists, striving for the same, when He, the Most Merciful One of the knowledge of distinction between law and granted the unlawful order of Islam following the slave of his, our Imam to establish . Under his leadership Imam we recommend our ways, we now understand the idea of ​​Islam, of Tawheed, of Momen, and Muslim Ummat-e-Muhammadi, from Hedayah and Taqwa, what the goals and objectives of Salah, which the modus operandi of the establishment of Islam should be and what measures should be taken to that end.

It is clear to our eyes why the real Ummat-e-Muhammadi, numbering only about 150 000, steeped in poverty, illiteracy and lack of capable armed only in about 70 years for most of the known world to bring under the banner of Islam by defeating two superpowers of the known world, not one at a time, but also an achievement unprecedented in the history of this world. This event hit fear in the hearts and minds of their enemies and today, there are millions Fakih, Mufassir, Mufti, Alem, Peers, Derveshes among the population of over 1.6 billion Muslims around the world, they own most of the natural resources of the earth and yet at the worst possible plight kicked by everyone. We are able to prophecy of the Messenger of Allah gauge (SM) 1400 birthday on the coming of the Dajjal during akheri zamanah. We now know the dreaded Dajjal has arrived, as said by the Rasul Allah (SM) and has successfully subdued the whole of humanity to accept as her Lord. Today, the world and as the population of the so-called Muslims lay prostrate at his feet.

For it is impossible to describe in detail all relevant issues relating to the understanding of the true faith in a paper of such small proportions, a few key tasks allocated to the development here, for ex-grading the current , and Moshrek Kafer. Allah has divided humanity into two halves, is said in the Quran - Sura Taghabun, 2 "It is He who created you, but you is an unbeliever and a believer.". Therefore, not being a believer is an unbeliever.

Momen:- "True Believers are those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, then have no doubts about it, and fight the biggest fight (Jahedu) with their wealth and their lives in the way of Allah." - Sura Hujurat, 15. Here are two conditions set by Allah in defining a real Momen. One example is the belief Iman in Allah and the Messenger, for example, Tawheed, to vow to accept the terms and limits of none other than Allah and His Rasool in all areas of someone's life, be it on the personal, social, national and international economic, judiciary and penal systems. This is Tawheed, acceptance of His sovereignty, deny, deny any authority other than Allah and His Messenger. The second part of the definition requires the sacrifice of the lives and property of the Tawheed set at the face of the earth. Needless to say, the so-called Muslim populations of these days falls into neither category. How can they claim self-Momen by the definition used by the author himself? Very simply, they can not. Not to be a Momen either one or a Moshrek Käfer.

Kafer :- As defined by the Koran, in Sura Maida, "Whose not judge by what Allah hath revealed: such are disbelievers, wicked, disobedient" Verses, 44, 45, 47, the Arabic words "zalem" " fasek "," Käfer "in the Koran. The word is used to indicate 'Judgement' here 'Hukum' So, it includes all kinds of judgments, such as the judiciary, social boundaries, etc. No other disease or condition example of faith in Allah, or performing Ebadat, is this. Therefore, who or what the society does not mete out justice or rule by the boundaries of the Quran, are indeed 'Käfer', no matter how much taqwa they argue, how deep their knowledge of faith is, or what they reach heights of purity the soul as dervishes or peers. By this ayat alone the entire Muslim population of the world is currently the de facto Kafer (unbeliever), zalem (unjust) and fasek (Naughty).

Moshrek:- Verse 85 of Sura Baqara says, 'Believe ye in part of the Scripture and disbelieve ye in part thereof, and what is the result of people who do this disgrace to save the life of the world and the day of Resurrection they will be sent to the most painful punishment. Allah is unaware of what you do "Scripture sent by Allah is the Qur'an;. Therefore, for sharing her to obey and disobey the parts of Shrek. Weather Sura Nessa, 18, 116, Allah says: "Verily, Allah forgives not that partners should He be attributed. He forgives everything except that which He wants something with Allah, He has forged an enormous sin." This so-called Muslim population accepts and obeys only parts of Scripture in the form of Namaz, Roza, Hajj, Zakah, albeit in a wrong way, but keep a wide arc of the parts that deal with economics, politics, justice, social system etc. Instead of obeying the Qur'an in this regard, they choose to obey and make the system introduced and implemented by their fellow man because to keep the Jews and Christians. Besides, by the acceptance and implementation of parts of Scripture and believed other parts of the same, they have also Moshrek and Kafer.
Therefore it is clear beyond doubt that this nation stands today as Käfer and Moshrek. But for those who still choose to deny this, I have some questions.

First question: - "Allah has promised such of you as believe and do good works that he is certain to them to succeed in the earth even as He made those before them were to succeed" - Surah Noor-55. True to his words, the illiterate, poor Ummat-e-Muhammadi that numbered no more than half million were indeed granted control of almost the entire area of ​​the known world. But what of today? Is the nation that claims to be "believers''Momens-'in control of the world as promised? Let alone rule, this nation is like a football, which everyone else is kicking around. Then there are only two answers, if this nation still claims to be Momen, 'believers', then God Himself is a false promise, (Naowozubellah) and if Allah has not made any false promise, then with all their Namaz, Roza , Hajj, Zakah, this whole piece is' Be-Iman'-believers.

Second question: - "Allah is the protector, guardian of those who believe" Sura Baqarah, 257. The literal meaning of "Wali" is guardian, friend and protector. Can they, whose "Wali" is Allah himself defeated by their enemies? Would they ever harassed, insulted by all the other people? Their mothers and sisters could be attacked by unbelievers? Absolutely never! Yes, what does this prove? This is a clear proof that Allah is not the 'Wali' of this party. Therefore, this people into the category of Momen, faithful, and so naturally Kafer Moshrek.

At this point there is only one avenue open to the people of this belief, and that's return to the true form of Deen-ul-Islam, Allah has granted our understanding, the vow of Kalema renew, return get into the fold of Tawheed, by reaffirming the law, the sovereignty of the creator and the only one who obeyed in every aspect of life.

Once we realized this great truth, it is now our act of faith for this knowledge to the people of this nation, or disperse it divided, quarreling, lack of discipline as such people can be called back to the true faith as suitable considered by Allah. This is our call and today, you have received. Until now you had the excuse of ignorance. If you on the Day of Judgement, you asked about, you replied: "Ya Allah! The true shape of your faith is not manifest to me, I was not aware of my responsibility! In my ignorance I have faithfully carried out the rituals of the faith as done by my ancestors. "From this time, this excuse is rendered in receptive to you. Today, you are aware of the true form of Tawheed and true face of Islam. It is not feasible, the whole truth about the present perversions of faith are discussed in detail in this small handbill of a paper. Therefore, if there remains even the smallest speck of a desire in you to see yourself as a real Momen, Muslim Ummat-e-Muhammadi, if it hurts the inner the carcasses of insults to your people see through all the other peoples of this world, then Hezbut Tawheed is the movement for you to participate in the pursuit of the true form of faith in the face of this earth to fix.

The Koran says: "When it is said to them:" Follow what Allah hath revealed, they say: "We follow that which we found our fathers. What! Even if their fathers were wholly stupid and had no guidance? "May we not end up like those on whom these verses were revealed, Ameen!

Dajjal Has Been Identified!!

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